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League of Club Chefs 2019

The League of Club Chefs was formed in 1990 for the purpose of resolving problems and providing support to fellow chefs who were working in private members clubs.
This being a sector of our trade that had been much misunderstood and indeed, looked down on for a number of year. we wanted to raise the profile whilst protecting the integrity of individual clubs. The membership is restricted to head chefs of private members establishments. The league, by design, is small in numbers,and every member sits on the committee. It is a non profit organisation and any monies accrued  are used for educational purposes.  In order to develop the next generation of Chefs

Over the 27 years The League of Club Chefs has established itself as a force for good, playing an important role in the education and support of young cooks. In conclusion the League provides its members with the opportunity to share professional interests and create a true fellowship.  Without the support of its member establishments, however, we would find it difficult to survive, a fact that we do recognize .

Don Irwin

Founder member and ​president.

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Forthcoming Events


 January 2019

Dinner at The Ninth Resturant

Charlotte St,

 January 2019

Robert Lindsley Challenge Competition

Details to follow

 4th March 2019

Young Chefs Initiative Fund Raising Dinner

Chef and Apprentice Dinner at Boodles Contact Clive, Steve, Stuart or Paul

 15th June 2019

Note change of date

Annual LOCC Golf Day

Hever Castle Contact Roger Evans

1st June 2019

LOCC Football Competition

Contact Paul Mattocks

 27th to 30th June 2019

Educational trip to Verona, Italy

Contact Roger Evans

 November 2019 TBC

Educational trip to Perugia, Italy

Truffle Hunting

Contact Roger Evans

Young Chef’s

Hunter Gatherer Cook  2018

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