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The League was formed in 1988 by five club chefs who with the support and encouragement of the then chairman of the Club Secretaries and Managers Association, Mr. Gordon Irvine, drew up the articles of the League including the logo that we use today. The original idea was to only include chefs whose secretaries belonged to the C.S.M.A. However, we decided to expand the membership to include chefs from any private establishment, provided that the individual met with the approval of the committee. The reasons for being are many but the feeling was that the club chefs have particular concerns not shared by other sectors of the trade.

We set great store, and still do on supporting and encouraging our members however small or large their establishment. It is also paramount that we enjoy a good relationship with the club secretaries for without their support we would find it difficult to survive.

From those early days the League has gone from strength to strength. We have enjoyed many trips to places of interest ranging from a visit to an oyster farm in Mersea to a Tasting in Champagne. We encourage our brigades by running an annual cooking competition and gaining a great deal of credit by competing at Hotelympia in the Parade de Chefs and in our own competition. It is a source of great pride that we have put club cooking on the culinary map so to speak. We are now recognised by suppliers and chefs as a quality organization. The strength of the League lies in the fact its membership also forms its committee. We have been fortunate that over the years the officers, in particular have given their time and energy, without reservation. Long may it continue to be so as the League of Club Chefs performs a valuable role in training, education and fellowship.

Don Irwin

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For more information email:  info@leagueofclubchefs.co.uk


President: Don Irwin

Vice President: Paul Hodson

Chairman: Paul Mattocks       

Vice Chairman: Paul Farmer

Secretary: David Summerell   

Treasurer: Steve Reid

Web Secretary: Steve Carter/Chris Watts

Honorary Members Tony Cameron, Mark Johnson

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