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Victory Services Club

Hosted by: Paul Mattocks

Tuesday 28th March 2017

Present:                                                         Apologies:                                 Absent:                                        

Paul Mattocks (Chairman)                                                 Stuart Littlejohn              

Steve Reid (Treasurer)                                                       Chris Watts

David Summerell (Secretary)                                             Simon Fooks      

Don Irwin                                                                             Matt Hide

Steve Pini

Steve Carter

Clive Howe

Ian Overall

Roger Evans

Paul Farmer (Vice Chairman)

Ken Milne

Martin Green

Mark Thatcher

Michael Dutnall

Samuel Harper

Stephen Kelly

Tony Allen

Richard Tonks

Tony Cameron

The Annual General Meeting opened at: 16:12

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the last AGM: Bucks Club 2016

Matters Arising:

There were no matters arising from the previous meeting, therefore the minutes were considered to be accurate and true.

Proposed by: Roger Evans

Seconded by: Richard Tonks

Treasurer’s report.

The Honorable Treasurer, Steve Reid presented his annual Income and Expenditure Account 2016/2017, in summary, it showed that both the main LCC account and the Education account to be in credit, the treasurer thanked Clive Howe for ‘strict controls with funds and intelligent management’ of the Education Account, with no transfer of funds anticipated, the treasurer also thanked Steve Carter for improving the way the fund raising dinner is financially managed.

The LCC has not been subject to any bank charges this year so we will continue to use HSBC.

Any member who was not at the meeting can request a copy of the Treasurers report from him.

Members are reminded that the financial details of the LCC should only be discussed within the LCC membership.

There were no queries or questions on or about the Treasurers annual report; therefore the report was;

Proposed by: Steve Carter

Seconded by: Clive Howe

The Treasurers annual report was completed.


Chairman’s Report.

Paul Mattocks presented his annual report,

A copy of which is attached to these minutes,

In summary the Chairman thanked the President, officers and vice chairman for their support over the last year, which started in unusual circumstances, welcome to new members, and thanks to all the work done ‘behind the scenes’ for Young Chefs initiative, trips, competitions and social events.

Paul Mattocks has agreed to carry on as Chairman for a further two years and has asked Paul Farmer to become Vice Chairman.

Election of Officers.

Chairman – Paul Mattocks – commencement of a two-year tenure.

Vice Chairman – Paul Farmer.

Secretary – David Summerell, to continue

Treasurer – Steve Reid, to continue

There were no objections to the above appointments

(Any member who would like to be considered for office can write to the Chairman at least one month before the next AGM)

Honorary Membership

A new category of membership is to be added to the Articles of the LCC, Honorary Membership; this will be by invitation only, the criteria for honorary membership will be added to the LCC Articles in due course.

League of Club Chefs Membership

A welcome pack will be sent to all new members explaining the subscription arrangements and an outline of LCC. ( see attachment )

Ordinary members who do not attend more than three meetings a year will be asked if they wish to continue with their membership, it will be written into the articles that all ordinary members are expected to attend at least three meetings a year.

This will not apply to honorary members, fellows or vice preside

There was no other business and the Chairman closed the AGM at: 16:30


 LCC Meeting Monday 24th September 2018

 Westminster College.

Hosted by College

  • Record of members; present, apologies received or absent.

  • Review of minutes from previous meeting (O&C Club Jun 2018)

  •  Matters arising from previous minutes

  • Minutes approved, approval seconds

  • Treasurers report

  • Staffing needs

  • LCC Website update

  • Young Chefs initiative

  • Young Chefs Dinner Boodles 10th Sept

  • Food and wine Educational trip 2019

  • Robert Lindsey Competition proposed Jan 2019

  • Social events

  • Chairman’s remarks

                Election of Officers

  • AOB

Next meeting details TBC

Meeting closes

Letter of thanks to Westminster College


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